Día del Niño

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Inspire the inner chef in your child this Día del Niño with fun, kid-created, wholesome recipes you can prepare together. Here you will find authentic Mexican recipes crafted by our 12-year-old cooking master, Chef Cody. You will also discover nostalgic Día del Niño recipes to remind you of tasty, familiar favorites from childhood.

About Chef Cody

Our featured child chef for Día del Niño is Chef Cody, a 12-year-old from the Southwest who has grown up cooking and enjoying traditional Mexican food. Cody has a passion for making enjoyable recipes for kids, which helped him create some of the special Día del Niño recipes below.


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Fun Recipes to Make with Kids

Your children will absolutely love these Día del Niño recipes because they’re light, wholesome and created by kids! Follow along with step-by-step instructions in the videos below and celebrate by making something together.

Mini Salsa Verde Quiches

Kids won’t keep their hands off of these irresistible, savory muffin-sized quiches. Courtesy of Chef Cody.
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Fiesta S’mores

This Día del Niño, sweeten up your little one’s day with this candied, bold treat. Courtesy of Chef Cody.
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Chipotle Mac and Cheese

Your little ones will be asking for seconds with this cheesy, peppery goodness. Courtesy of Chef Cody.
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Cheese Enchiladas

Every child will love making the cheesiest and most delicious enchiladas, especially when it comes to eating them.
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Frittata with Salsa Verde

The perfect kid-friendly recipe for Día del Niño morning, featuring lighter turkey breakfast sausage and turkey bacon.
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Roasted Chicken Thighs in Adobo

Kids can’t get enough of the slightly sweet, authentic adobo sauce and tender chicken in this wholesome recipe.
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Paletas de Pepino con Chile

Treat your child to these refreshingly sweet and tangy popsicles on Día del Niño.
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Recipes to Remind You of Childhood

In the same way that you share photos from your childhood, now you can enjoy the best foods from childhood with these familiar, beloved Mexican favorites.

Chicken Mole Enchiladas

These sweet-meets-savory enchiladas will remind you of the best home-cooked meals of your childhood.
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Quick Enchiladas Suizas

So much more than perfectly melted cheese, these enchiladas will take you back to the days of gathering round as a family.
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About Día del Niño

Each year on April 30th, Día del Niño, or Day of the Child, is a festive holiday celebrated across Mexico and in many Latin American countries to honor and appreciate children. It’s a time for communities to hold special events for children and for adults to remember the joys of childhood.


One of the most common ways Día del Niño is celebrated in Mexico is through fiestas in schools. Students have the day off from studying to enjoy a variety of special activities, and their parents are invited to attend. The day is highly anticipated and filled with excitement—including games, decorations, sports, storytelling, face painting, prizes, traditional Mexican food, treats and more.

Adults commonly celebrate Día del Niño by telling stories, sharing their favorite childhood photos and making their own or their children’s favorite Mexican dishes.


Día del Niño was first celebrated in Mexico in 1925, and since then its impact has grown around the world. Throughout the United States, there are many Día del Niño celebrations both large and small.


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