Día del Niño

Día del Niño 2016 April 30, 2016
Every Día del Niño, we celebrate the children who fill our lives with wonder and joy. We remind ourselves to slow down. To breathe in those tiny hugs and giggles. But most of all, we remember to give back that most precious gift - our time - to the children in our lives who mean so very much.
This year, the makers of the HERDEZ® Brand has created some simple, easy ways you can enjoy this special time together. From creating kid-friendly recipes in the kitchen to simple tips that make that time even more carefree, here are some fun ways for you to share your family’s traditions and make a memory with the ones you love.
The first thing we ever made together was guacamole

Cooking with Chef Martita and Jojo

Chef Martita Jara, known for her appearance on Season 8 of The Next Food Network Star, has created six Día del Niño recipes for kids with her 8-year-old nephew Jojo.
Chef Martita remembers the first time Jojo could sit up on the counter and they stirred ingredients together. Today, they love making guacamole, quesadillas and many Mexican favorites together.

SEE Martita and Jojo’s recipes

Las Posadas Celebration

Celebrate your Mini Chef

Post a video or photo of you cooking with your child on Facebook or Instagram and tag it with #HERDEZKids for the chance to win $1,000 and other great prizes.
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Just like passing down your favorite recipes, teaching your child how to cook creates a connection to your family’s traditions and becomes a cherished memory that they will always remember. Here are some easy tips on helping your niño (and you!) have fun together in the kitchen.
  1. Wash your hands together
  2. Give your niño a tasks they can do with just their hands - mashing, crushing, mixing. Keep it fun!
  3. Make it a ritual - so your child looks forward to the routine
  4. Let them experiment! - let your child see what works and what doesn’t
  5. Clean up together afterwards - a good habit to start early
  6. Let them set the table - make it a fun part of eating together
  1. Plan the meal together - pick an ingredient they love and find a recipe
  2. Talk about the recipe before you start - let your child know what to expect
  3. Give them a chance to be “head chef” - by reading the recipe and directing tasks
  4. Supervise complex tasks - like using the oven, cutting or chopping
  5. Praise their efforts - even when it doesn’t turn out as expected!
“Kids love food. They love shopping for the ingredients, coming home and watching it all come together.”
- Chef Martita Jara HERDEZ® Brand Featured Chef
decorative ornament History and tradition of Día del Niño
Every April 30th, the holiday Día del Niño, or Day of the Child, is celebrated across Mexico and in many Latin American countries.
Meant to honor the joy of children and childhood, kids enjoy special presents, activities and food meant just for them. It’s also a chance for adults to remember the simple joys of childhood. Relatives share funny childhood stories, find favorite old photos and often share their favorite childhood dishes with the special children in their lives.


Día del Niño was first celebrated in Mexico in 1925 and continues to grown in popularity around the world. You will find Día del Niño celebrations throughout the United States, both large and small.


Día del Niño is celebrated in Mexico with fiestas in schools. Students take a break from studying and enjoying a variety of special activities. Parents are invited to attend and the day is filled with treats, decorations and traditional Mexican games that children love to play. Here are some traditional favorites:

Día del Niño Games for Kids



Lotería is a game similar to Bingo that uses a brightly colored deck of cards, a board and beans for markers. Kids enjoy playing because the cards feature mystical characters and common objects, and teachers use them to make learning fun. To win, you have to get four beans in a row and shout “lotería!”


Trompo means “gyroscope” and is a spinning top children love to play on Día del Niño. Traditionally made of wood, the toy comes with a string that you pull to make it spin as you toss it on the ground. There are many fun and challenging trompo game variations and adults also play in tournaments.


Canicas or “marbles” is a kid-favorite with many different names and variations. A player knocks another player’s marbles from the center of a circle to “steal” the marbles. The child who racks up the most marbles at the end of the game is the winner!


Balero is a traditional Mexican toy made up of a brightly colored cup and wooden stick connected by a string. Kids have a chance to show off their skills by doing flashy tricks to catch the cup with the stick.


Fútbol—or soccer as it's known in the US - is one of the most popular sports in Mexico and around the world. On Día del Niño, it gets children outside and active and adds to the excitement of the day.
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Post a video or photo of you cooking with your child on Facebook or Instagram and tag it with #HERDEZKids for the chance to win great prizes.
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Weekly Giveaways
All month long, we will also post weekly Día del Niño #triviatuesday questions on our Facebook, and the winner will receive an #HERDEZKids Little Chef apron.

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