Celebrate Las Posadas with HERDEZ® Brand

Las Posadas Traditions

For nine celebration-filled days before Christmas, December 16 – 24, people all across Mexico celebrate Las Posadas with processions, candles, lanterns and food. A boy and a girl dress up as Mary and Joseph, and in some villages neighbors will alternate serving meals to one another. Tamales are the traditional meal served during Las Posadas, often enjoyed with a hot fruity drink called ponche.

The History of Tamales

Tamales are the quintessential comfort food of Mexico—they’re made in many flavor varieties from savory to sweet, and are eaten at mealtimes all throughout the day. Tamales are also a central part of special holidays like Las Posadas and Christmas. Made with a corn dough known as masa, tamales are wrapped with either corn husks or plantain leaves and date back to the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Valued for their ease and portability, tamales were used to feed armies, hunters and travelers. Enjoy this traditional treat for your holiday celebration with authentically crafted tamale and holiday recipes from the HERDEZ® Brand.


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