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Authentic taste. Now in less time.

Stir up some HERDEZ™ Instant Refried Beans and in minutes you’ll have authentic homemade tasting refried beans that your family will instantly love.

Four authentic flavors. Made in five minutes.

HERDEZ® Instant Refried Beans with Tacos
HERDEZ® Traditional Instant Refried Pinto Beans

Three simple ingredients. Endless ways to enjoy.

Taste the tradition in HERDEZ™ Traditional Instant Refried Beans. This authentic Mexican staple is made with pinto beans and a hint of salt to give it that home-cooked taste, just like your Abuelita used to make. Perfect inside tacos, tortillas and burritos. Or enjoy it as a dip or side dish.

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HERDEZ® Chorizo Instant Refried Pinto Beans

A spicy take on a classic flavor.

Enjoy that irresistible Chorizo flavor your family loves in minutes with HERDEZ™ Chorizo Instant Refried Beans. Savory spices including paprika and garlic give it that authentic, warm, smoky flavor. Serve it in tortillas, tacos and burritos or as a perfect side to your favorite Mexican dish.

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HERDEZ® Jalapeno Instant Refried Pinto Beans

Rich in tradition. And flavor.

For those looking for classic flavor with a kick, reach for HERDEZ™ Jalapeño Instant Refried Beans. A vibrant blend of jalapeño peppers, onion and garlic combine for a bold taste. Perfect on top of nachos and tacos, or as a spicy side dish.

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HERDEZ® Queso Instant Refried Pinto Beans

Full of the queso flavor you love.

Queso makes everything more delicious. And HERDEZ™ Queso Instant Refried Beans are no exception. Cheddar cheese, cream and milk create a rich, heartwarming flavor that will keep your familia coming back for more.

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