A Time to Celebrate a Nation

Whether it’s celebrating the children of a nation, honoring mothers across the country or commemorating independence from Spain, celebrate Mexico’s holidays and the cuisine that makes them special.

Día del Niño Recipes

Make something your niño will love with these classic dishes.

Día del Niño Recipes View

40 days and 40 nights of reflection, penance and thankfulness.

Lent View
Cinco de Mayo

Honor Mexico’s legendary Battle of Puebla.

Cinco de Mayo View
Día de las Madres

Celebrate mothers everywhere on Día de las Madres.

Día de las Madres View
Fiestas Patrias

Commemorate Mexico’s true Independence Day.

Fiestas Patrias View
Día del Niño

A special day filled with fun and food for children.

Día del Niño View
Hispanic Heritage Month

A festive time to recognize Hispanic and Latino American contributions.

Hispanic Heritage Month View
Día de los Muertos

Remember, honor and celebrate loved ones who have passed.

Día de los Muertos View
Las Posadas

Discover Mexico’s nine celebration-filled days before Christmas.

Las Posadas View

See how this birthday also marks a transition to young womanhood.

Quinceañera View

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