Carne Asada

It’s time to celebrate with family and friends and let your grill masters shine. Try these Carne Asada traditional recipes, side dishes and grilling tips below to make your next gathering one to remember. From our family to yours.


Try any one of our summer Carne Asada recipes for an authentic celebration your guests will love.

Pasilla Marinated Carne Asada

Grill wonderfully tender steak with one of the best carne asada marinade recipes.
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Red Guajillo Pepper Rice

An authentic Mexican rice recipe that really brings out the sweet heat of guajillo peppers.
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Refried Chorizo Black Beans

Spice up traditional Mexican refried beans with a little chorizo and a dash of tangy salsa verde.
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Black Bean, Grilled Pineapple, Cucumber Salad

Serve your guests a dish they won’t find anywhere else—a quick side salad that’s sweet and savory.
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Grilling Tips

Whether your Carne Asada is big or small, these cooking tips will help make your next Carne Asada the best yet.

About Carne Asada


New to Carne Asada? It’s time to join the party. With origins long ago in Northern Mexico, Carne Asada is beloved today as both a savory meat dish and an informal backyard gathering of family, friends and amazing food. In English, “Carne Asada” means “grilled meat” but it also means celebrating what matters most – the joy of family and friends.

Voy a hacer una Carne Asada

Like a family barbecue, Carne Asada is focused on fun and friendship. It can be held to welcome a new baby to the family, congratulate a school graduate, or simply because. At it’s heart, it represents being together and sharing the food of our lives with the people who matter most.

There are as many ways to Carne Asada as there are people who have them. Traditionally, the best meat for Carne Asada is skirt steak—grilled medium rare and thinly sliced. But part of the legacy is also to put your own spin on the party and invite those you love to join in the Carne Asada that is uniquely yours. Show us how you celebrate.


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