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Champurrado with DOÑA MARÍA® Mole

One of the oldest beverages in Mexico, champurrado is a thick Mexican hot chocolate that’s popular during the holidays and when the weather starts getting cooler. This homemade recipe comes courtesy of LatinoFoodie, connoisseurs of Latin food and culture, and uses masa harina (corn flour) for its thick texture.


Spicy Watermelon Margarita

Serve up an authentic margarita with a refreshing twist using watermelon, fresh lime juice, orange-flavored liqueur and tequila to enjoy a spicy, summer cocktail.


Agua de Tamarindo

The sweet and tart Agua de Tamarindo is a popular drink at taquerias and can be made using tamarind pulp, which is sold frozen at Latin and Asian markets.


Classic Margaritas

Serve up real, flavorful and authentic margaritas at your next get-together, without having to purchase sugary store-bought mixes, by using fresh lime juice, sugar, orange-flavored liqueur and tequila.


HERDEZ® Hot Chipotle Mocha

Spicy kick to get your day off right! Experiment with different flavored creamers to mix up your coffee drink!

Recipe courtesy of Allrecipes® Brand Ambassador Jennifer L., 2013.


Spicy Holiday Sangria

Nothing says celebration like a large glass of traditional sangria! Fruity and tangy with a slight heat, this holiday recipe for sangria has all the authentic Mexican flavor you will love.