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Mole Brownies

Elevate dessert and awaken the senses with this decadent DOÑA MARÍA® Mole brownie recipe. It’s easy to create and wonderful to enjoy.


Baked Taquitos

Baked to crunchy deliciousness, this Chicken Taquito recipe is perfect for small hands and big appetites. Topped with a refreshing avocado salsa. Authentic smiles every time.

Recipe courtesy of Maura Wall Hernandez, The Other Side of the Tortilla, 2015.

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Fiesta S’mores

This Día del Niño, give your kiddos a special sweet treat they’ll love and devour. This classic childhood dessert becomes a decadent Mexican treat thanks to soft flour tortillas, chocolate, cinnamon, and to spice things up a bit, chili powder. Recipe courtesy of Chef Cody, child chef partner, 2015.

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Chicken Mole Enchiladas

Recreate a favorite dish from your childhood with these traditional Mexican mole enchiladas. There’s no better way to celebrate holidays or all year around than with tasty comfort food ingredients (like chocolate, peanut butter and rich mole sauce) that bring back the best childhood memories. Recipe courtesy of Yvette Marquez, Muy Bueno partner, 2015.



Champurrado with DOÑA MARÍA® Mole

One of the oldest beverages in Mexico, champurrado is a thick Mexican hot chocolate that’s popular during the holidays and when the weather starts getting cooler. This homemade recipe comes courtesy of LatinoFoodie, connoisseurs of Latin food and culture, and uses masa harina (corn flour) for its thick texture.


HERDEZ® Pumpkin Mole Soup

This rich soup gets its warm spiciness from pasilla peppers and its dark depth of flavor from chocolate. We make a meal of it with an avocado-lime salad and some bread.

Recipe courtesy of Allrecipes® Brand Ambassador Christine P., 2013.


HERDEZ® Ellen’s Chocolate Chipotle Ice Cream

When I told my cousin, Ellen, about my chipotle cooking sauce, she suggested I use it to make chocolate ice cream. Over the phone, she helped me put the recipe together, coached me along and–here it is–chocolate chipotle ice cream! And it’s dairy free.

Recipe courtesy of Allrecipes® Brand Ambassador Joey K., 2013.