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Mole and Mushroom Quiche

Try this savory quiche filled with DOÑA MARÍA® Mole. Perfect for entertaining or starting off your week with a hearty but easy breakfast meal.


Chiles Rellenos with Mole

Enjoy a tasty twist on a classic dish! These chiles rellenos are stuffed with veggies & cheese and then smothered with DOÑA MARÍA® Mole Verde sauce.


Slow Cooked Beef Pozole

Cozy up to this authentic slow cooked beef pozole with ancho chiles, HERDEZ® Salsa Casera and melt-in-your-mouth flank steak. Serve with your favorite toppings including radish, green cabbage, cilantro and more.

Recipe courtesy of: Lindsey @LindseyEatsLA


Baked Sweet Potato Flautas

A flauta, or flute, is a rolled up tortilla with filling. Normally fried in oil, this recipe offers a healthier baked option. Just brush each tortilla with olive oil to get that golden crispiness, and you’ve got a treat your whole family will enjoy.

Recipe courtesy of Carolyn Scott: @TheHealthyVoyager


Mexican Squash and Corn Quesadillas

From appetizers to main courses, quesadillas are always a hit. They’re quick to make, easy to customize and fun to eat any time of day. This recipe loads your tortilla with vegetables and low-fat cheese – but the flavors still sing.

Recipe courtesy of Ericka Sanchez:@nibblesandfeasts



Ensalada Fresca Con Salsa de Guacamole

What’s a wholesome way to use HERDEZ® Guacamole Salsa? As a delicious Mexican salad dressing! Simply pile on the fresh veggies, sprinkle a little cheese and add the dressing, and you’ve got a refreshingly easy chopped Mexican salad that’s perfect for lunch or dinner.



Cheesy Spinach Enchiladas

This easy-to-make enchilada recipe is filled with cheese, spinach and love.  The perfect 30-minute dinner idea for celebrating Día del Niño with the smallest members of your family.

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Mac & Cheese Verde

Delicious mac n’ cheese like you’ve never had it before! Features  a tangy twist of HERDEZ® Salsa Verde and broccoli. Win over even the pickiest eater this Día del Niño with something they’ll love.

Need more Día del Niño ideas and recipes? Join in!