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Salmon Gobernador Tacos

Bring authentic flavor home with this simple salmon gobernador tacos recipe. Drizzled in Guacamole Salsa and loaded with melted cheese, you’ll love the slightly crispy tortillas and smoky flavor.


Homemade Tacos de Adobada

There are so many things to love in this easy authentic taco recipe. Marinating the pork shoulder in a zesty adobo sauce makes it tender and delicious. The secret ingredient? Combining Mexican crema with HERDEZ® Guacamole Salsa to get the perfect mix of creamy and savory.


Guajillo Blackberry Cantina Skewers

Juicy steak marinated in blackberry preserves and HERDEZ® Red Guajillo Cooking Sauce paired with onions and grilled are perfect for any summer barbeque.


Salmon Tequila Ceviche

Add a hint of Sauza Tequila to this famous South American seafood appetizer to create a bold, succulent and refreshing flavor.


Tipsy Chorizo Jalapeño Poppers

This perfect party pleaser elevates the traditional popper with sweet Chorizo and a zesty twist is sure to be a favorite for any fiesta.


Mango Pasilla Tequila Wings

When any wing won’t do, and something different is in demand, this sweet and delectable chicken-wing dish – with a little extra kick – will make you want to Mango up.


Chipotle Tequila Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Fused with the smoky taste of chipotle and the rich taste of Sauza Tequila, this favorite is given an authentic mexican flavor and is one for all occasions!


Chicken Milanese Quesadilla

These delicious quesadillas are filled with chicken breast cutlets marinated in HERDEZ® Tomatillo Verde Cooking Sauce and topped of with a zesty citrus tequila cream and HERDEZ® Salsa Verde on the side.


Pasilla-Tequila Chicken Nachos

Take your chicken nachos to the next level with a splash of tequila and HERDEZ® Roasted Pasilla Cooking Sauce for bold, authentic flavor.