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Mole Fideo Soup

Flavorful Mexican fideo noodle soup with a superb DOÑA MARÍA® Mole twist!




Mole Meatballs

Tasty turkey meatballs in DOÑA MARÍA® Mole sauce. Perfect appetizer!




Mole Pozole

Pozole meets DOÑA MARÍA® Mole. Impress your family with this new spin to your pozole recipe!




Mole Dog

Irresistible crispy bacon-wrapped hot dogs topped with DOÑA MARÍA® Mole sauce.




Mole Fajitas

Savory chicken fajitas marinated in DOÑA MARÍA® Mole, served with warm flour tortillas.




Mole Burger

Delicious beef patty topped with shredded chicken cooked in DOÑA MARÍA® Mole and crispy onion strings. One of our heartiest recipes!



Mole Mac and Cheese

Upgrade your mac & cheese recipe with the legendary DOÑA MARÍA® Mole sauce.




Chicken Mole Enchiladas

Recreate a favorite dish from your childhood with these traditional Mexican mole enchiladas. There’s no better way to celebrate holidays or all year around than with tasty comfort food ingredients (like chocolate, peanut butter and rich mole sauce) that bring back the best childhood memories. Recipe courtesy of Yvette Marquez, Muy Bueno partner, 2015.