Turkey Picadillo

This turkey chili picadillo is best accompanied by HERDEZ® Guacamole Salsa, which adds authentic Mexican flavor. HERDEZ® Guacamole Salsa is so versatile, you can use it as a dip, topping, or in a recipe, like I decided to do. Enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Gustavo Gutierrez, avivirla.com


  • 2 cups

    cooked turkey meat

  • 1

    red bell pepper

  • 1

    green bell pepper

  • 1

    purple onion

  • 2

    garlic cloves

  • salt and pepper

  • 1 cup

    cooked quinoa

  • Olive oil

  • 1 jar

    HERDEZ® Guacamole Salsa

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Serves 2



  1. Light, flavorful turkey picadillo with spicy HERDEZ® Guacamole Salsa

  2. Chop garlic, peppers and onions.

  3. Heat olive oil into pan, add onions and garlic.

  4. Once golden. add onions and bell peppers and cook until tender.

  5. Place turkey in pan, mix together and cook until heated through.

  6. Serve turkey "picadillo" with quinoa and HERDEZ® Guacamole Salsa.


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