HERDEZ® Fresh Salsa

Now you can bring home the taste of freshly made, premium salsa from Mexico’s No. 1 authentic salsa brand. Made with natural ingredients and no added preservatives, HERDEZ® Fresh Salsa comes in a variety of unique flavors with varying heat levels. Find your favorite in the refrigerated section of your local market. Available at select retailers.

HERDEZ® Salsa Mexicana Mild/Medium

Featuring an authentic, vibrant flavor for every occasion.

HERDEZ® Salsa Mexicana Medium/Hot

Our signature salsa made with natural ingredients and just the right amount of heat.

HERDEZ® Salsa Piquiña Medium/Hot

Spicy, smoky and bold, there’s a lot to love about its vibrant taste.

HERDEZ® Salsa Roasted Poblano Medium/Hot

Turn up the heat with the unique flavor of poblano peppers.

HERDEZ® Salsa Verde Mild/Medium

Great as an authentic dip or sauce that adds bright, zesty flavor.