HERDEZ® Tortillas

Every authentic HERDEZ® tortilla from draws people together by bringing all the best flavors of Mexico to your table. Whether you love our traditional white corn, cracked whole wheat or classic flour varieties, you can be sure you’re using authentic tortillas for all of your favorite recipes.

Corn Soft Taco Tortillas

The perfect white corn tortillas to feature all of your favorite fillings.

Flour Burrito Tortillas

Become known for your amazing burritos with our extra-large tortillas.

Flour Fajita Style Tortillas

No sizzling fajita dish is complete without authentic tortillas.

Flour Soft Taco Tortillas

Sure to become your favorite classic flour tortillas.

Whole Wheat Flour Fajita Style Tortillas

Made with whole wheat for when you crave a heartier, more nutritious tortilla.