HERDEZ® Salsa 5 Chiles

Five distinct chiles create one bold salsa.

Guajillo peppers, chile de árbol peppers, pico de pajaro peppers, chipotle peppers and ancho peppers—some of Mexico’s most widely used and loved chiles—are blended together to create a spicy salsa that complements most every dish.

Add fiery flavor to any Mexican recipe you like, or try HERDEZ® Salsa 5 Chiles over eggs, with turkey or on top of cheese.


Water, tomato, tomato paste, peppers blend (guajillo peppers, de arbol peppers, pico de pajaro peppers, chilpotle peppers and ancho pepper), onion powder, iodized salt, soybean oil, distilled vinegar, sugar, xantham gum, garlic powder, natural flavor and spices.